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Attention Affiliate Marketers and Bloggers!
Learn SEO trips and tips and branding strategies

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Decide To Succeed

Many people are attracted to the idea of making money online, but the truth is most people won’t. It’s not because they can’t, it’s because they don’t believe they can, and therefore, they won’t commit to learning how. Marketing Online is a skill and it takes time and effort to learn the skills. Some people are comfortable with learning new things and others are not. Do you know which group you fall into? I ask the question, but the answer really doesn’t matter and here’s why: when you understand your own mental framework for approaching the unknown, you can decide to move forward anyway.

In the video below, I talk about how I set up annual projects to achieve my dreams; I call them Trust 101 Projects. Dreams do not magically manifest in the world, we must turn them into goals, and then take action.  At the end of this page, I will invite you to  take action toward learning to be a successful Content Creator. If you know that you are interested in learning more, then this offer will be perfect for you … free training allows you test things out a bit and see if it’s a fit.  But first you must decide that that is truly what you want to do.



Decide that you want to make money online as a successful Affiliate Marketer, Blogger, or YouTube Content Creator. Back your decision up with appropriate actions. Life rewards the doers. 

Go On The Journey

Know that your are creating your own success story. This is your Hero’s Journey and you can expect to be challenged, delighted, frustrated, and amazed, but above all, expect to win.

Give Yourself Time

Internet Marketing is a skill and it takes time to learn it. But when you start to apply what you learn, you will see progress. Decide to succeed and give yourself time to do it.

Imagine The Journey

You begin learning the rules and applying them and at first the results are not so impressive. But when you hit the 90 day mark, you are seeing some movement and you are inspired. While this is a small victory, it’s where everyone must begin the process. We are plugged into a learning community that has produced the results and they know exactly how to teach them. This system is designed to show you how to go from zero to hero in one/two years time. All the while money is coming in as your earn while you learn. ***These numbers are, of course, not guarantees of income. No one can predict if you will tow the line and if you will succeed. But the truth is, no one can predict how far you can go. The biggest determinant of your success is your willingness to do the work. The question is … are you willing?

Content Starting To Get Ranked = 30-60 posts, $0-$500/mo

Traffic Is Flowing , 100 unique visitors/day = 60-100 posts, $500+/mo

Ramp Up with 500 unique visitors/day = 100-150 posts, $3K+/mo

Thriving Business = 200-300 posts, $10k+/mo

Core Skills You Need To Learn

Of course you are not going to learn all of this at once. The brain would shutdown from overwhelm and you would suddenly find yourself spending hours scrolling through your FB newsfeed instead of building your online business. There are skills you need right now and then there are skill you need later on. Think undergrad and grad school.

Why Free Traffic Beats Paid Traffic

With free traffic or earned traffic, you are building a platform in which Google itself recognizes you as an authority in your niche and then they send even more traffic your way. With the exception of YouTube, social media does not reward content creators. But search engines have a vested interest in making sure Content Creators have a reason to keep creating good content so that advertisers can have access to larger audiences, too.

Search Engine Optimization

You don’t need a PHD to make SEO work for your as a Content Creator. There are a few things you need to know, a few tools you need to employ, and few skills you need to master. SEO is not about getting traffic overnight, it’s about building a platform that pays for the long haul. SEO Marketing is a profession that commands large incomes but you can learn to do SEO Marketing to build your own business without spending a lot of money.

Content Creation

Writing for the sake of writing is called journalling. It is a very good practice but it is not an income-producing activity. Content creation is a disciplined income producing activity. Did you take notice of the number of posts required for Google and the other SE to take tag you as an authority. And we are not talking about posting meme’s, pictures of cute cats, and quotes. We are talking about niche-related content 300 to 900 words that are well-written and on point.

Consistent Action

If you want to create something that can, relatively speaking, evolve into thousands per month, you have build the solid foundation. From their you continue to add more and more relevant content to your site. The search engines reward relevance, quality, and frequency. Sites like and make millions annually through by leveraging this same strategy.. Similarly Content is King but only if it’s delivering the right message to enough of the right people.

Keep Learning

The Online Marketing game is not a one-and-done playing field. It is constantly changing and you have to notice the changes and stay plugged into a community where it’s their business to stay up on what’s going on in the industry. When you are staying up on changes that will impact the playing field, you will be able to catch the wave and turn those changes into advantages while the competition struggles to find their footing. Being part of a leading edge learning community is like being part of the insider’s club.

Become An Authority

Building a site with high-quality, engaging and relevant content, allows Content Creators to create online businesses that are branded as authority in a particular niche. Being branding as a site authority means search engines will rank the content faster and send more targeted visitors. Authority sites are money-makers. They have longevity and huge income potential once they are fully operational. This is the ultimate end-goal of a savvy Content Creator. SEO marketing is the core skill that leads to success.

The System, The Training, The Technology, and more

The program we are promoting is not for everyone. It’s hard work but it’s very rewarding and a lot can be accomplished in a short amount of time. You can literally plug your passion into existing profit centers by leverage affiliate programs. Did you know Rolex has an affiliate program? Writing for profit does not have to be about making pennies from random adsense ads. In fact, this is not the way to create a profitable online business. Everything needs to be on point, with purpose, and strategically executed.


Content Marketing

Creating the Content eager buyers are searching for

SEO Marketing

Getting your content ranked in Google and if you are doing YouTube Videos, on YouTube.

The Sales Funnel

Getting visitors to opt into your email list in exchange for valuable content

Training & Mentoring That Works

Because of the nature of my work, I can only work with one or two local clients at a time. Online I am able serve and impact more people which means more revenue. I plug my clients, family, and friends into online programs and technologies that are best suited to meet their goals. I love the Internet and want to see as many people benefit from it as possible. If you are a Content Creator who wants to leverage affiliate marketing and blogging, SEO becomes critical to your success.

Do you think you would benefit from real training and mentoring designed for serious Content Creators? Of course you can  keep trying the latest online fads or you can invest in something that has been working for over ten years. In fact, the solution I recommend has a Free Starter Membership. It’s not for everyone but it could be the very thing you are looking for.

Robin H., The Techgirl

Online Marketer, Writer, and Coach, Ta OM Lifestyle, LLC

The Training and Platform For Content Creators

The goal to succeed online rarely happens by accident. You need a plan.

Success is not an accident. Is success your goal?


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