Meet Robin Harris, Affiliate Marketer

I am Robin Harris, Affiliate Marketer, supporting others who want to leverage Content Creation to make money online. Raised in the Christian Faith, I have a deep and profound love for God but I am not a Christian. My dad is a Christian Minister, he is 96 and I just adore him. I have been happily married (second marriage) to Terry Johnson for 18+ years. I just adore my husband. Are you starting to see a pattern here? But wait, there’s more … my dad and my husband have strong convictions, are very caring, and have beautiful bald heads…

The Big Family

My Dad's miraculous recovery

My Dad’s miraculous recovery

Yes, I am a daddy’s girl.  At 56, he still calls me his baby.  Since I was three I have been fascinated with the shape of his head; he has the almost-perfect bowling ball head 🙂 Check it out in the picture.

We are a large family, I have nine siblings. Thanksgiving is a big party. But last summer, I got a call to come home because my dad had a serious fall and after several days in the hospital, they were sending him home to spend his final days with family.

Upon arriving back home, I stayed in his room each night, barely sleeping as I sat in the recliner, watching him anxiously in the dimly-lit room. I cringed every time he moaned. Every few hours another family member would come in and we would turn him to avoid bed sores. My heart was breaking; the man who had held me when I was a child was now like a helpless child himself.

The doctors had done their best and had prepared us for the worse; they expected him to rapidly decline to a state of hospice care. As hard as this was for me, I was still grateful because my mom died unexpectedly in 1998. By the time I arrived at the hospital, she was gone and I never got to say good-bye. Spending those nights with my dad was a gift.

My Dad Is My Hero

We, as a family, experienced a miracle and my dad recovered from the brain injuries that were expected to end his life. The photo is what my sister sent in a text a few days after we had returned to Georgia. By now, it should be pretty obvious that I am a daddy’s girl and my dad is my hero. From him I learned to love God and family, to work hard, and  to love action adventure stories. From my mom, I learned to love learning, I learned to respect spiritual diversity, to server from love and not from obligation, and to be a strong woman; she was a Virtuous Woman.

My Mission

I am a practicing Nichiren Buddhist and an Ordained Interfaith Minister with deep Christian roots. My mission and my soul work is to support humans in living into their own divine potential. I love seeing people grow and make their dreams come true. I love helping people who want to play a bigger game, make a bigger contribution, and get paid. I truly believe that we are Awesomely and Magnificently made and I want to help the message take root and bloom fully in the lives of as many people as I can.

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My Human Family

I love my human family no matter what faith tradition they are aligned with. The only small print attached to that statement is it burns me up when people are mean to one another and when they abuse this beautiful planet that we are blessed to live on. When I see God being used as a weapon to destroy lives, to create division, and to justify hatred, it pisses me off. And the one thing I want to leave as my personal legacy is the very lesson my mother and father taught me growing up, each human being matters and with God, all things truly are possible.

Tech, Action-Adventure, Anime, and Affiliate Marketing

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I love tech, I have a BA in Computer Science and a Master’s of Education in Instructional Design. I am an award-winning screenplay writer and filmmaker, published author,  and I love, love, love anime. I seriously love anime.

As I writer, I write the kinds of stories I love to read and watch as movies. My favorite stories are high action with lessons woven in and that’s what I get from anime. In many anime stories, the hero’s journey is convoluted and filled with challenges. Along the way, the Hero finds a Mentor, friends, and allies. She hits walls, endures trials, and earns the right to be called a true hero. She returns to her community and shares what she has learned. For anyone who truly understands the those higher achievements in life are not achieved through solitary pursuits. We need other human beings to journey with us. That’s really how life is.

For many attempting to earn money at Affiliate Marketing, the challenge is MARKETING. Marketing online is a skill. It can be learned and you can believe I am learning so much because I have great mentors and coaches and I am part of a learning community. I search high and low to find the best of the best. I know how to find the gems online and I make no bones about it, I am a Google-Searching Diva …

By the way, because many Content Creators have not learned how to work the SEO magic, they are not ranked high in Google. Most people are not like me and will not go through pages and pages Google results, investing those listings that sound like a match. I sign-up for a lot of programs, tools, and courses, test them out and then compare then compare them to find the best of the best. It’s my nature to look deeply into things and then share those resources with others.


SEO Nina Ninjitsu

Ninjitsu in Anime is like the magical moves that make the Ninjas super powerful. It is basically strategies and tactics of unconventional, guerrilla warfare. SEO is like some special Ninja Ninjitsu for Content Creators. Without it, you will create content that won’t reach the right audiences. SEO can be a very complicated strategy, but it doesn’t have to be. In the training I am recommending to you, you learn the nuts and bolts to create high-ranking content for your niche. That’s what you need and that’s what they teach.

Today I am an advocate for SEO Marketing, Attraction Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. I blend my personal philosophy with cutting-edge marketing strategies that teach you to connect your passion to products and services and make money online. This method is so much more in alignment with who I am as a person. If you find “selling” a little off-putting because of the old Push model, then the system I am suggesting may be a good fit for you, too.

Take a look at the program and sign up for free and we’ll connect online. When you sign up, you don’t just get me as a resource, my husband is also building a business, and there is an entire community of great people who are eager to help you. For more information about the training, visit my article, “SEO Marketing For Affiliate Marketers: The Secret Sauce.”